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ADGAS Shareholders

The guidance and support extended by Shareholders greatly contribute to ADGAS’ success in consolidating its status and remarkable reputation in the field of gas liquefaction. ADGAS benefits immensely from the combined knowledge and experience of its Shareholders and most of the technology and business processes deployed within ADGAS have evolved by using leading practices adopted by Shareholder organizations and passed on to ADGAS over the years through Shareholder’s active involvement.

ADGAS has been closely associated with Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) of Japan. The signing in 1972 of a 20-year agreement has led to a relationship of cooperation, commitment and mutual trust between the two companies. This unique and successful relationship was further strengthened with the signing of a new agreement in 1990, before the first even expired. Under this new agreement, ADGAS would double its LNG production as from 1994, and this would be purchased by TEPCO throughout the agreement’s 25-year period to 2019. To cement this special partnership with TEPCO, ADGAS carried out major changes and expansions including refurbishment and improvement of the plant, construction of the third LNG train (production plant), renewal and expansion of the LNG tanker fleet, and continuous modernization of the technological infrastructure.

In a span of 30 years, many expansion projects were completed, new plant control systems were introduced, and many more integrity and reliability projects commissioned to ensure continuous production to meet contractual commitments and customers’ requirements.  Over the years, ADGAS has diversified to selling its products in the global energy marketplace through term contractual arrangements as well as spot deals. Figure 2 illustrates the journey of UAE’s natural gas to ultimately being shipped to TEPCO and international customers worldwide.

Shareholders and Business Partners

ADGAS owes its success to its Shareholders and key business partners who play a vital role in the LNG supply value chain. The continuous professional support of its business partners ADMA (for supply of feed gases) and ADNATCO-NGSCO (shipping partner) whose years of   dedication has guaranteed efficient, safe, and reliable production and supply to clients. ADNATCO-NGSCO operates dedicated eight LNG vessels on behalf of ADGAS. In addition to these dedicated vessels, LNG vessels are chartered on ex-ship basis to fulfill other emerging requirements.

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