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National Sustainability Theme

National sustainability and wealth creation for its shareholders have been the top most priority for the Company. ADGAS has played, and will continue to play an important role in contributing to Abu Dhabi’s 2030 vision. The core elements of the National Sustainability theme is the consistent pursuit of the objectives of maximizing revenue from its operations and effectively implementing strategic projects to contribute to the wealth and value creation for Abu Dhabi and ADGAS’ Shareholders. The focus of this theme is on the following two Strategic Objectives:

1.      Maximize sales  


a)      Developing and deploying sales strategy to maximize revenues

b)      Strengthening ADGAS reputation and image as one of the most reliable and efficient suppliers


Deliver strategic projects effectively

a)      ADGAS seeks to deliver two major projects (Viz. IGD E1 & E2) as well as other strategic power generation projects in the most effective manner, managing projects planning and execution on time and within the budget

Operational Excellence Theme

Operational Excellence has been a central theme for ADGAS and its management since its inception. ADGAS will continue on its journey of becoming a more reliable and efficient LNG and natural gas operating company and utilities provider in a manner that exceeds its stakeholders’ expectations. ADGAS will persistently deploy initiatives to maximize  plant availability, reliability and production effectiveness, in a cost effective manner. The Operational Excellence theme ADGAS and focuses on two Strategic Objectives as given below:

1.      Maximize plant uptime

a)    Benchmark  and  adopt best in class operating and  maintenance practices

b)   Optimize the operating envelopes and integrate new projects seamlessly to maximize facilities uptime and assure minimal adverse impact to upstream and downstream operations

c)    Maximize production by ensuring optimal conversion of resources to saleable products; and continuously minimize opportunity losses

d)   Maximize asset utilization

2.      Optimize process efficiency & cost

a)  Continuously improve plant & business efficiency and optimize cost without compromising on HSE; Plant Integrity; and People Development.                

b)   Deploy world class contracting, purchasing and vendor management strategies

c)    Optimize energy utilization and consumption

d)  Explore and implement effective engineering solutions and managing change effectively


Health, Safety, Environment & Integrity Theme



ADGAS has earned a strong reputation of being a safe and socially responsible organization due to its excellent track record in Health, Safety, Environment and Integrity performance, which have always constituted a key business priority for the Company. ADGAS remains committed to sustain its Health, Safety and Integrity performance and to deploy  effective strategies to continuously improve its environmental performance.  Building upon its excellent record in HSE and Integrity, the Strategy focuses on the following two Strategic Objectives under this theme:


1.      Ensure world class HSE performance

a)      Ensure no harm to people

b)      Protect the environment

c)       Effective implementation of Occupational Health Management System

d)      Embed and sustain world class HSE culture

e)      Continuously improve HSE performance in projects

f)       Effective HSE Risk Management

g)      Assure ADNOC CoP, HSEMS and regulatory compliance


2.      Assure Asset Integrity

a)      Continuously improve the Asset Integrity and Reliability Management System (AIRMS) and integrity performance

b)      Enhance asset integrity to embed process safety.

c)       Execute required projects or schemes to improve reliability and longevity of assets

d)      Ensure No Gas / Hydrocarbon leaks

e)      Deploy effective methodologies & remedial actions to ensure no equipment breakdowns, which may lead to production loss

           f)       Assure Effective Asset Risk Management

strategic road map

Organizational Enablers


Organizational Enablers of ADGAS support and drive the core processes to achieve the company’s vision and strategic objectives. ADGAS management strives to create a supportive eco-system to facilitate smooth operation of the company. ADGAS’ Organizational Enablers have always been considered as critical success factors for the business and have played significant role in the strategic landscape of the organization. In the current strategy of the company, organizational enablers have been divided into three groups as given below:

1.      Human Capital: Attract, develop and retain national talent and key capabilities 

a)      Implement plans to achieve the Emiratization target and support the development of UAE Nationals

b)      Focus on enhancement of human capabilities, skills and competencies to meet the current and future needs of the organization, its employees and the local communities.

c)       Attract best talent and improve employee  retention, productivity and performance through sustained employee  engagement and continuous improvement to HR systems and processes

2.      Information Capital: Ensure effective information systems and communication

a)      Ensure deployment of effective IT systems and infrastructure aligned with company strategy to meet business and user requirements

b)      Focus on effectiveness of internal communication channels to facilitate team work and to keep employees informed and engaged

3.      Organization Capital: Instill a culture of innovation, risk management; knowledge management and accountability

a)      Inculcate innovation by promoting creativity to improve  processes, systems

b)      Manage risks effectively and continuously mature its enterprise risk management practices covering all ADGAS activities

c)       Retain critical knowledge through a fit-for purpose knowledge management system to capture, organize, share and re-use organizational knowledge

d)      Ensure implementation of a culture of accountability, responsibility & ownership