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ADGAS Sustainability Wheel

ADGAS model of sustainability takes the form of a wheel that is divided into three parts/elements: economy, society and environment.

The Company’s commitment to sustainability stems from our belief in its importance for the long-term success of our business and the wellbeing of the coming generations. Sustainability is embedded right across our business and enjoys the commitment and support of the entire ADGAS management team and employees.

Our commitment to sustainability is also evident in our five-year business plan, which includes objectives that promote sustainability. These objectives cascade down to all business units and employees through the Balanced Scorecard Performance Management System, and also our Performance Appraisal Management System.

Environmental Impact

Energy Efficiency

ADGAS runs its facilities efficiently, constantly reducing its environmental footprint and increasing shareholders value.

Environmental Impact

ADGAS strives to protect the environment and promote sustainable development within its processes, products and other activities.



ADGAS gives shareholders maximum ROI, assets protection and transparent information to take the right decisions. It also gives rewarding opportunities to local business partners.


ADGAS strives to minimize/mitigate corporate risks that can pose financial and environmental impact on the business, employees and society at large.


ADGAS manages its resources effectively, with all systems focused on stakeholders’ interests and in close compliance with the principles of transparency, ethical standards and good governance.


ADGAS respects the customers' needs and rights and strives to maintain a steady and timely supply of the best quality products.



ADGAS ensures the health and welfare of its employees on par with the industry’s best standards and practices.


ADGAS strives to provide its employees with a safe working environment and to reduce risks to ALARP levels.

Our People 

ADGAS applies HR policies that promote personal and professional development, engagement, and empowerment of its employees and ensure their wellbeing.


ADGAS reaches out to the local community and partake in all social, environmental and humanitarian initiatives that establish ADGAS as an exemplary responsible company.