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Occupational Health

ADGAS has continued with its efforts to improve occupational health services in order to provide safe and healthy workplace to its employees. There was zero incidences of occupational illness cases for direct and contract hire employees in 2015 as a result of intensive campaigns and awareness sessions with special emphasis on working in hot weather conditions during the summer months.  

Employee Health Database   

The pre & periodic employment health records of direct and contract hire employees  were collected   for   creating a health record database for recognizing the impact of workplace hazards on various health parameters.  The medical records have been linked to individual employee details and uploaded in the SAP database for ensuring easy access and analysis.


Achievement of zero Lost time accident in the last 5 years demonstrate the high commitment of ADGAS to protect its employee.

Hazardous Substance Manual

ADGAS maintains an updated inventory of the chemicals being used in its operations including certain direct purchase items which are exclusively used by term contractor companies. The revised Safety Data Sheets are accessible on company portal for use by the concerned workforce. The manual was revised with the incorporation of a modified procedure for introduction of new chemicals into company operations.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

 ADGAS reviewed its inventory of personal protective equipment in terms of their effectiveness and appropriateness for intended use. After an extensive survey, four new variants of personal protection (two specialized respirators, one cartridge respirator and one chemical resistant glove) have been found to be suitable in view of the afforded levels of protection and user feedback on comfort for long term use.

Employee Awareness

In an initiative to provide comprehensive awareness for the identified workplace hazards, pocket awareness booklets were distributed among ADGAS employees and its terms contractors. Three booklets covering the activities involving Welding, Manual Handling & Chemical Handling were selected for 2015 as a part of this program.

Workplace Monitoring

Thermal Environment

The thermal environment was extensively monitored to assess Thermal Work Limit (TWL) for safely working outdoors during the summer months. Additionally, hydration surveys involving outdoor workers were conducted to evaluate levels of water intake and consequent risk of suffering from heat related illnesses. The results were shared with HSE representatives of respective contract companies for initiating countermeasures to improve on-site facilities like rest shelters & ventilation & provision of drinking water.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

Periodic monitoring sessions were carried out for Carpenters to assess their exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds   while performing gluing of melamine sheets to wooden structures using contact adhesives in the carpentry workshop. The personal protection of Carpenters was enhanced with the use of cartridge respirator and chemical resistant gloves in view of the exposure concentrations.

Welding Fumes

The welders working in Central and Engineering workshops were monitored for exposure to welding particulates and fume contaminants. The results led to the introduction of specialized welding respirator for enhancing worker protection in the workplace.

Wood Dusts

There were multiple workplaces monitoring sessions for measuring wood dust exposure for Carpenters involved in sawing and cutting wooden planks and beams in the carpentry workshop. The studies were used to enhance awareness on correct work practices and improve on the dust control measures for effective mitigation of the hazard.

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