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Paperless Day

As part of its continuous efforts to uphold the principles of sustainability and eco-friendly practices, ADGAS continuously organizes its Paperless Day Campaign. The aim of this campaign is reducing the consumption of paper in the Company’s premises and encouraging employees, other organizations and the general public to do the same.

ADGAS was able to remarkably reduce its consumption of paper by 81% over the past five years. In 2007, the Company’s paper consumption stood at 7,927 kg. This was reduced to 6,720 kg in 2008, to 3,541 kg in 2009, to 1,624 in 2010 to 1,476 in 2011, and to 1428 in 2012. During the past five years, ADGAS has managed to reduce its papers consumption to 25 tons; which is equivalent to protecting the cutting of 480 trees. In the past 5 years we were able to reduce our paper wastes by 25 tons (cumulative) which is equal to saving 480 trees. 

The Paperless Day initiative was first suggested and launched in 2008 by ADGAS, in collaboration with the Environment Agency. In the following years, it gained momentum as scores of private and government organizations joined the campaign, which was later proposed for the UN competent organizations for global adoption.